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In a few minutes, I'll email you the 6 Steps to 6-Figure Freelancing. But, instead of giving you all six challenges at once, I'm going to send you one challenge each day for six straight days — because it's a lot of info, and I don't want you to get overwhelmed.

Also, I have a quick question: How long have you been freelancing? Or, have you not started freelancing just yet?

I'm not asking just for the sake of asking; I ACTUALLY want to know. So, please send me an email and fill me in. (Your email will land straight in my inbox; I read and respond to every single one.)

A little about me

I took my first freelance footsteps in 2012, right after I quit my job as an assistant producer at NBC in San Diego (despite a lot of advice against this decision from my mom). I was fed up with the corporate world, to say the least.

Unsure of what the next chapter in my life would entail, I began helping local businesses in my hometown of Los Angeles with digital marketing.

Today, I'm able to command at least $125 per hour, working with brands across four different continents — including W Hotels, WeWork, a U.S. Embassy, Fendi, SodaStream, Fidelity Investments, and China's International Institute of Education.

Here are a few interviews I’ve given about my freelance journey:

Truth be told ...

... my freelance life wasn't always this great. At first, I struggled to find good clients who were willing to pay me what I know I'm worth. I was either over-worked and under-paid, or I didn't have enough work to make a full-time income and enjoy my lifestyle of choice.

Can you relate?

Once I cracked the code to financial success, creative freedom and lifestyle design, I knew it was time to pay it forward. As Kevin Spacey says:

"If you're lucky enough to do well, it's your responsibility to send the elevator back down."

That's why I started Epic Freelancing, to help you build a freelance life you love.

Josh Hoffman