Hi, I'm Josh 👋🏼

More than 100,000 people read my material to learn how I turn psychology and systems into Epic Freelancing (more on what that means below).

So, why should you hear me out?

I've been freelancing full-time since 2012, right after I turned down a promotion at NBC and quit my job as an assistant producer (despite a lot of advice from my mom). I was sick of the corporate world, to say the least.

Unsure of the next chapter in my life, I began helping local businesses in my hometown of Los Angeles with digital marketing.

Over time, I built a six-figure freelance income while running an international consultancy, traveling the world, and working with brands across four continents, including W Hotels, WeWork, the U.S. Embassy, Fendi, SodaStream, Milan Design Week, and China's International Institute of Education.

Reflecting upon my journey, I created Epic Freelancing to help current and aspiring freelancers achieve:

  1. Financial Success - make really good money (dare I say six-figures?), charge top-dollar for your time, and consistently raise your rates
  2. Creative Freedom - work with clients who respect and trust your talents and abilities, who give you space to get the job done, and who are happy to pay you what you're worth (while easily saying "no" to clients who aren't worth your time)
  3. Lifestyle Design - create a life according to YOUR goals and aspirations, instead of what society says you should do

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