Episode 1: The phases every creative must go through, with Todd Brison

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Host Josh Hoffman talks with Todd Brison, ghostwriter and author of The Creative's Curse.

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  • “Talent is really nothing if you don’t find the system and the process and the discipline and the motivation to come back and do it again day after day after day after day.”
  • “You have to look at your own life and your own interests and say, ‘If I could live a perfect day, what would that look like?’”
  • “The Internet has removed geography for a barrier of getting to know people.”
  • “Find the intersection between what you love to do and what certain people love to look at. When you get into that space, moving forward is really a no-brainer.”
  • “If you want to charge your life — if you want to move from the job you have … to a job where you can control your income, hours, flexibility, time and family life — you have to start by making some sacrifices and finding time where other people don’t.”
  • “The best way to live life is to dive into the unfairness.”

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