When you think about being an Epic Freelancer, what comes to mind?

Talent? Skill? Ability? Intelligence? Experience? Luck?

Contrary to what you might think, being an Epic Freelancer has NOTHING to do with any of these things.

Instead, the most successful freelancers have THREE things in common:

  • Financial Success - they make really good money (dare I say six-figures?), charge top-dollar for their time, and consistently raise their rates
  • Creative Freedom - they work with clients who respect and trust their talents and abilities, who give them space to get the job done, and who are happy to pay them what they're worth (and they can also easily say "no" to clients who aren't worth their time)
  • Lifestyle Design - they create a life according to THEIR goals and aspirations, instead of what society wants for them.

Epic Freelancers are able to achieve this combination through the right mindsets, systems and strategies that can be easily learned and applied. That's why I started Club: Epic Freelancing — to pass these mindsets, systems and strategies on to you, with a highly personal and hands-on touch.

What took me 5 years and $570,000 in lost revenue to figure out:

Most freelancers don't have any formal business skills.

If you're like me, you honed your craft — you learned how to be a great at designing, coding, writing, blogging, marketing, photography, video or another creative skill.

But when you decided to go out on your own and work with clients, it hit you like a high-speed train:

Real, lasting success requires more than just mastering a craft.

It requires sophisticated systems and strategies around business, sales, marketing and personal branding.

That's why most freelancers only rely on one way to attract new clients:


Word-of-mouth is great, but you CAN'T build a legitimate business from word-of-mouth because it isn't something you can CONTROL.

When I say a "legitimate business," I mean a business that creates security when the economy goes bad, or when unexpected things happen, or when you want to take time off just because.

When I say a "legitimate business,"  I mean a business that allows you to make more money without investing more time.

This is known as "scaling"  the most important word in business.

However, you can't scale your business if you don't have CONTROL of the way you attract clients. When you ONLY rely on word-of-mouth to attract clients, you relinquish all control.

Any freelancer who's been in the game for awhile will tell you: There are times when word-of-mouth suddenly and unexpectedly dries up.

That's why so many freelancers are forced to get a "real" job when the word-of-mouth pipeline runs dry and they need to make money. They get backed into a corner, without any way out. They don't realize:

Becoming an Epic Freelancer is a SKILL.

  • You have to become SKILLED at effectively marketing yourself and building your personal brand.
  • You have to become SKILLED at using psychology to maximize the perceived value of you and your services.
  • You have to become SKILLED at creating systems that allow you scale your business up or down at will (depending on how much you want to work and make at any given time).

Right now, you have two options:

  1. "The Long & Winding Road" — continue doing what you've been doing, or try to figure it out on your own, and slowly piece things together through a lot of trial and error

    - OR -
  2. "The Fast-Track" — adopt proven systems and strategies that will quickly expedite the process of achieving financial success, creative freedom and lifestyle design as a freelancer

For the first three years of my freelance journey, I took the long and winding road. I messed around with a website, a blog and some social media accounts — only to realize whatever I was doing WASN'T working.

It was a huge "AHA" moment, forcing me to spend years perfecting systems and strategies until I FINALLY achieved financial successful, creative freedom and lifestyle design.

Today, the system is so effective, I can scale it up or down on demand, depending on how much I want to work and how much I want to make.

I'm Josh Hoffman ...

... a full-time freelancer who specializes in digital marketing.

I took my first freelance footsteps in 2012, right after quitting my job as an assistant producer at NBC in San Diego (despite a lot of advice against this decision from my mom). I was sick of the corporate world, to say the least.

Unsure of what the next chapter in my life would entail, I began helping local businesses in my hometown of Los Angeles with digital marketing.

Today, I'm able to command at least $125 per hour, working with brands across four different continents — including W Hotels, WeWork, a U.S. Embassy, Fendi, SodaStream, Fidelity Investments, and China's International Institute of Education.

I've been featured by:

Here are a few interviews I’ve given about my freelance journey:

But, truth be told, my freelance life wasn't always this good. At first, I struggled to find good clients who were willing to pay me what I know I'm worth. I was either over-worked and under-paid, or I didn't have enough work to make a full-time income and enjoy my lifestyle of choice.

Can you relate?

Once I cracked the code to becoming an Epic Freelancer, I knew it was time to pay it forward, which is why I created Epic Freelancing.

My number-one goal is to help people like you:

  1. Make a lot more money without doing a lot more work (also known as scaling)

  2. Attract more clients you actually enjoy working with (and have the liberty to say "no" to clients you don't)

  3. Develop the freelance lifestyle and work-life balance you desire

In other words: I want you to be a better freelancer than you were before you met me.

So, if you're sick of adhering to a tight budget and always worrying about money ...

If you want to go full-time freelance so you can have full-time freedom ...

If you want the opportunity to check more items off your bucket list ...

And if you want do whatever the heck you want, without feeling restricted by time and money ...

Club: Epic Freelancing is your gateway to the financial success, creative freedom and lifestyle design you desire.


After joining, you get:


Custom 12-Week Action Plan

6 Private 1-on-1 Strategy Sessions with Josh

Unlimited Email Mentoring for 6 Months



Club: EF is NOT a good fit if:

  • You're not willing to consistently invest time and effort in becoming a better freelancer.

  • You're easily discouraged or unmotivated.

  • You're looking for a "quick-fix" solution or "overnight" success.

Club: EF  is a good fit if:

  • You want to make really good money, charge top-dollar for your time, and consistently raise your rates.

  • You want to work with clients who respect and trust your talents and abilities, who give you space to get the job done, and who are happy to pay you what you're worth.

  • You want to develop a freelance lifestyle that allows you to maximize your time and independence.

Freelancers I've worked with:

1 (1).png

"I started working with Josh in March, when I had two clients and could only charge 30 euros an hour. By July, I had more than 10 clients, charging 70 euros an hour."

— Lina Andersson, marketer from Finland



"Josh has helped me immensely. Now I'm enjoying steady success, and I definitely attribute it to having Josh as a mentor."

— Maddy Osman, blogger from Chicago



The Epic Freelancing Insurance Policy

It’s simple: Apply the material. Take advantage of the private, 1-to-1 strategy sessions and unlimited email mentoring. Put in the time and effort. Dig in and use all the tools at your disposal. Show me that you really tried to make it happen!

If you haven’t had any success from your investment in Club: Epic Freelancing within the first 6 months of signing up, I’ll make sure you get every single cent back.



Freelancers I've worked with:

"Josh taught me more in a couple hours than my college professors have in the past year and a half."

João Miguel Abrantes, digital marketer from Portugal



"Josh provides honest and thought-provoking value in every conversation we have had. He is one of the few individuals I have come across that continuously puts others before himself."

Shana Steigerwalt, agency owner from Philadelphia


Common Questions


How long does Club: Epic Freelancing last?
It lasts 90 days ... but once we've worked together, you can be sure that we're friends for life 👊

Who is Club: Epic Freelancing for?
It's ideal for any current or aspiring freelancer / independent contractor. If you'd like to know whether or not the membership will work for you, shoot me an email and I'll give you a completely honest answer.

When will I start to see results?
Becoming an epic freelancer takes time, so don't expect overnight success. That's why I offer a 6-month insurance policy. If you start implementing the material right away and stay consistent, you'll start to see results within a few months.

I live in [INSERT COUNTRY]. Will Club: Epic Freelancing work for me?
Absolutely. The strategy sessions are done via Skype (or another online video service of your choice).


Freelancers I've worked with:

"I finally have the ability to follow my own passions, generate the income I want, and work with clients I genuinely like."

— Lena Elkins, digital marketer from San Francisco



"Josh completely shifted my freelance business. I went from having barely any work at all to a full client load."

— Khara Wolf, graphic designer from Colorado



Join now and get:

Custom 12-Week Action Plan

6 Private 1-on-1 Strategy Sessions with Josh

Unlimited Email Mentoring for 6 Months